As if we don’t have enough power problems here in Branford without a hurricane, along comes Irene to put us in the dark once again. Well, some things we have learned from our date with Irene:

Hindsight is great, but foresight is better. It was a while ago that we determined we could not rely on the local power grid, and while our clients may be patient for a day or two with our power loss, our priority is to get jobs up and running as soon as possible. So we were thanking our lucky stars and clouds when after considerable research awhile back, we decided to institute cloud computing which was definitely a great decision. Things went well, we checked emails and voicemails, sent out jobs and campaigns, and we kept our customers up to date, as we worked from our various locations (meaning those of us who had power restored the quickest).  And one benefit was cleaning out everything in the office refrigerator. There were some scary things growing in the back.

Hurricane season isn’t over, but we hope that’s the last power outage until our first ice storm in January.


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